Application Form


Academic year:October 1, 2019 - September 30, 2020
Duration of Grant:up to six [6] months
Deadline for submission of candidatures:February 28, 2019
Application Date01/18/2019

All answers should be written in CLEAR, CAPITAL letters in either Greek, English or French

01. Family Name (surname):
(as written on your passport)
02. First Name(s):
03. Current Academic Position:
04. University-Faculty-Department / Institution:
05. Country and place of birth:
06. Nationality:
07. Date of birth:
08. Age:
09. Sex (Male/Female):
10. Present citizenship:
11. Passport number:
12. Country of residence:
13. Marital status: 14. No. of children (if any):
(number or empty)
15. Office Address: 16. City:
17. Postal code: 18. Country:
19. Office Telephone (+country & area code): 20. e-mail:
21. Fax number (+country & area code): Mobile:
22. Home address:
23. City:
24. Postal code:
25. Country:
26. Home Telephone (+country & area code):
20. e-mail:
28. Please indicate which address should be used for future correspondence:

29. Father’s full name: 30. Mother’s full name:
31. Spouse’s full name:
32. Spouse’s current occupation
       (if applicable):
33. Does he/she intend to accompany you to Greece?
34. Have you ever visited Greece?: If so, when?
From: To:
For what purpose?

35. Proposed period of research in Greece:
Date only (dd/mm/yyyy)
(max. duration: 6 months) To:
Date only (dd/mm/yyyy)
NOTE: The grant does NOT cover the period from July 15 to August 31,2020
36. Have you applied for an Onassis International Fellowship before?
If yes, please indicate:
i) how many times have you applied:
ii) the academic year(s):
iii) the category of the fellowship:
37. Have you been granted an Onassis International Fellowship before?
i) the academic year(s):
ii) the category of the fellowship:
38. Ph.D. obtained in: (year)

39. Persons to be notified in case of emergency (list below name, address, phones and relationship):
In Greece:In your country:
40. Do you carry any Health Insurance?
41. Do you need any help in obtaining visa (if a visa is required)?
42. Please indicate whether you have applied or are planning to apply for a fellowship/grant for the same academic year to any other organization, government or educational Institution in any country. (This information will not prejudice the Foundation’s decision on your application).


Fill in the following field (up to 500 words) with a motivation letter including the information below:
a) The title, purpose and specific object of the research that the candidate intends to conduce in Greece. Additionally, the candidate must mention why it is judged necessary for him/her to carry out research in Greece
b) Description of the proposed courses/seminars as part of the teaching activities
c) Any research in Greece already completed or in which the canditate is currently involved
d) Any previous collaboration with Universities or Institutions in Greece
e) Names and contact details of the members of the Greek academic community, Greek Universities, Institutions or Research Centers the candidate intends to collaborate with
f) The proposed period and place(s) of research in Greece. Please indicate whether travel within Greece will be necessary for the research project and include a project plan of the trips in Greece for research or teaching purposes
g) Knowledge of the Greek language, whenever not necessary by definition for scholarly purposes, is not a prerequisite. However, elementary knowledge of the Greek language will be favorably taken into consideration

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I hereby acknowledge and consent that ARIONA HELLAS S.A. pursuant to the legislation on personal data protection, collects, records and processes my personal data which are included in the present Application – Affidavit, in the supporting documentation as well as in any other documentation and information that I submit to ARIONA HELLAS S.A. from time to time with the purpose of fulfilling its obligations relating to the scholarship under request and indicatively the evaluation of candidates, the scholars’ progress of studies, the creation of statistical tables and any pertinent action.
I hereby acknowledge that recipients of the particular data shall be the Onassis Foundation (registered offices Vaduz, Liechtenstein), ARIONA HELLAS S.A., their academic advisors, as well as the Onassis Scholarship Association, their legal representatives, as well as any person with authority of access and control of the particular records under the provisions of law. To this respect, ARIONA HELLAS S.A .may assign part of the processing of the data to third parties with whom it cooperates and who shall be bound by confidentiality obligation and process the data exclusively for the purpose of providing their services to ARIONA HELLAS S.A. and in no event for their own benefit (data processors).
In particular I hereby unreservedly and explicitly grant to ARIONA HELLAS S.A. and Onassis Foundation (hereinafter the Beneficiaries) my consent to process my aforementioned data and especially my name and surname, place of origin or the address of my permanent residence, my professional specialization, subject of my studies and/or my theme of research and/or the university that I will study relating to the granting of the present scholarship, the university/ties of origin, my degree and/or other distinctions, as well as my image in the photograph that accompanies the present application, by any mean or form (wholly or partially) and in any kind of intangible or tangible mean of image or sound already existing or that will be recovered in the future for the purpose of, apart from the aforementioned scope, also archiving, information and communication of the Scholarship Program by electronic means but also in any other document of any kind without limitation by the website or any other mean, transmission through the Beneficiaries’ website and the social media of the Beneficiaries’ choice and/or media. In any case the particular material will not be subject to commercial exploitation without my explicit consent.
I also hereby acknowledge that my data will be processed by ARIONA HELLAS S.A. as described herein, from the submission of the present application for scholarship and thereafter, regardless of whether this application is approved or not, for as long as necessary in relation to the procedure of granting the scholarship under request in order for ARIONA HELLAS S.A. to abide by its constitutional purposes, its legal obligations pursuant to the applicable laws as well as to fulfill the aforementioned purposes of archiving, communication and also for statistical purposes.
I hereby declare that I have been fully informed of my rights, as applied per case, of access and information regarding the Data that are processed by ARIONA HELLAS S.A., the rights of rectification, erasure of Data, objection and restriction of processing, portability of Data to other controller or processor under the terms and conditions of the law (EU Regulation 679/2016, Law 2472/1997 as amended and in force) by addressing at any time a request in written to gdpr@onassis.org.


Additional requirements: As stated in the Announcement of the 25th Foreigners’ Fellowships Programme, the following documents must be addressed separately by post to the Onassis Foundation, no later than February 28, 2019:

1. A copy of the passport.
2. One (1) passport size photograph.
3. An acceptance letter from a Full Professor or a Tenured Professor of a Greek University with which he/she agrees to collaborate with the candidate on the specific project
4. A detailed Curriculum Vitae/ List of publications
5. Two (2) recommendation letters: one(1) from Greece (if possible) and one(1) from abroad
6. Α photocopy of the Ph.D. degree.

I hereby certify that all information included in this application form is true and that I will submit to the Foundation all the relevant supporting documents, if required. In case of false or inaccurate information, I am aware that the application is withdrawn from the evaluation process. All the information included in the present APPLICATION is true and I will also submit any other document needed for its confirmation.
By submitting the present application I hereby declare that I have read, understood the aforementioned terms and conditions of the program and I accept those explicitly and unreservedly.                           

I have been fully informed and I hereby accept and give my consent unreservedly to all the above.